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Cool Knee Savers save your knees from being burned by your KTM 1X90 Adventure.

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Save your knees from being burned by your KTM 1×90 Adventure! These Cool Knee Savers are the most effective product on the market that keeps your knees and the lower body cool. They serve as vortex generators, deflecting the hot air from the radiator away from your knees and bringing the cooler ambient air instead.

They have been tested to reduce the temperature of the knees by 20 – 40F (9 – 18C), depending on the weather. The general heat reduces dramatically and becomes similar to that of other street motorcycles.

Installed in minutes using high-strength velcros. Can be removed on the fly, if the ambient temperature gets cold.

Fits all KTM 1×90 Adventure bikes with 23L (6.1ga) gas tanks: all 1090S and R models, all 1190S and R models, and all 1290SAS and SAR models. Product has not been tested on 1290SA models with 29L (7.7ga) tanks.


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